These pictures are from a rental home in Smyrna where the carpet was removed. Our task was to resand and refinish the hardwood floors that was under the carpet.
These pictures are from a home in Cumming where we installed "3/4 pre-finished solid naildown flooring in gunstock.
These pictures are from a home in Tucker. We installed laminate flooring in Cherry and also installed new baseboards.
In this Roswell home we were hired to repair the hardwood floors due to custom cabinets installed in the
 home library.
We installed 2-1/4" white oak and stained colonial maple.

The pictures below are from a home in Decatur with water damaged floors and sub-floor due to water leaking through the exterior of the home.
This is a condo on Pharr Road in Atlanta where we were hired to 
sand and refinish the parquet floors.

These condos are about 50 years old and each of them has the orginal parquet floors.
Before - the floor was stained and dull.
During - Our specially trained floor technician is sanding the floor.
The finish floor shines like new - we used a golden brown stain on this project.
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Welcome to our photo album - 
These pictures are from some of our installs.
We used an AquaBar moisture barrier on the subfloor.
Completed flooring in their home office.
We used a chocolate brown border for the dining room.
Our technicians installed laminate 
flooring over the concrete.
The final finished project - these laminate
 floors look amazing!
Repairing the sub-floor.
Repaired hardwood floor using our weave technique. The new repaired sub-floor 
is underneath. 
We re-sanded the entire floor.
You would never know this floor had been damaged by water - it's beautiful!
This is a residential home in Alpharetta.
We installed 3" White Oak Flooring andstained with a dark walnut finish.
The installed white oak floor before staining.
The finished flooring stained dark walnut.
This Buckhead Condo we installed a prefinished engineered floating birch floor with sound bearer padding underneath.
One of our skilled technicians is insalling the flooring, this shows the blue sound 
bearer padding.
The floating floor installed with whte trim and molding.